100% Customized Fitness

We craft a complete workout regimen completely from scratch for each individual. You are more than just a number to us and your needs will be accounted for.

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Nutrition + Supplement Attack Plan

We offer complete nutritional advice. Everything from a fat loss attack plan to a muscle/strength building attack plan. We utilize a tracking app and work together. Supplementation is not a requirement, but we will use our experience, expertise, and education to recommend products if you are looking for an additional boost.

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Unlimited Support 24/7

That’s right. Talk about access. All clientele will have unlimited communication via an app that allows them to access their personal trainer 24 hours a day. Feel free to really take advantage of this resource!

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Why We Exist

Mission: “We are passionately here to empower the individual to achieve a life full of vitality through health and fitness”

Vision: “Liberating the individual to thrive in their health and well-being”



For too long the fitness industry has been cluttered and swamped with misinformation, greed, and failed outcomes. Despite the fitness industry being worth billions, the obesity and overweight rates in America continue to rise. Something is very broke.

The excess promises that come with diet books and the latest group training classes are primarily to blame. The industry now revolves around cash and profit. Your personal success and value take a back seat.

Ramsden Elite Fitness is bringing the value back to the client. Our specialization in 100% Customized Fitness and Nutritional Programming will allow us to treat each client like an individual. We will effectively assess your needs and goals and design a path to get you there.

No propaganda. No myths. No lies.

Only delivering results through scientific reality.


Online Fitness Coach

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